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Early Year Photography

Being a child’s portrait photographer is my full time job and I just love that I get to work with another amazing photographer, my mum, doing Early Years Photography. We’ve kept the Tori Beth Portraits magic with us with our ever increasingly popular outdoor, lifestyle early years portraits. It’s amazing to see kids just being kids and being able to join in the play and take gorgeous photographs while we interact. It’s much our preferred way of taking Early Years portraits. You’ll most likely find us being chased around the playground, riding tricycles and playing peep-a-boo all whilst taking photo’s; smiles and laughs are inevitable!!!

We offer nurseries, playgroups and toddlergroups great commission rates and take the stress out of the ordering system as everything is done online, however proof card options are available if prefered. All portfolio’s are password protected for maximum protection and we are both CRB/Scottish Disclosure checked.

Parents benefit from four cost saving packages as well as a great range of prints, gift ideas and wall art. We also offer a DvD of all their child’s portraits for a small cost once parents have ordered over £50 of prints, packages and products. We also waiver postage costs for all first batch orders, as we deliver everything back to the nursery or group.

To find out more please click Early Years Photography or message me via the contacts page for more information.

All the photographs shown below have been model released by parents in writing to us. We take children’s online safety very seriously and never use names or which nursery they are from.
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